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Our regular maintenance clients gardens are all different some were well established when we took them on and some were neglected and required some TLC to Revive them and give the clients a space they can enjoy. We love working in our selection of gardens everyday is different and the satisfaction we get from watching them change and develop over the seasons is rewarding. We would love to take care of yours too. 

This project involved a couple of our services firstly we had to completely clear the garden, which the client had inherited when they purchased the property. Once that had been done we had to install a new fence, shed and lawn. We also created an area of play bark where the customer later put a play frame for their children.

When a lawn becomes patchy, unhealthy and full of weeds its time to replace it with new turf. This is what we did in this small garden in Wimbledon. Preparation is the most important step in installing a new lawn. Laying a new lawn can transform a garden a bit like a new carpet in a house does.

Plants are like cloths for the garden. Get the planting right and your garden is made. They have so many uses screening, colour, scent, food, shelter, memorial, defining a style and companionship perhaps! Choosing is usually the hardest part when it comes to planning your gardens planting. So many considerations to make and debates with other halfs too! That's where we come in, our knowledge and experience allows us to simplify the process for you.