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Fear not! Our extensive experience in this field will aid you in your decisions when it comes to finding the right plants for your garden. Having worked extensively in the Wimbledon area we also know what grows here and what doesn't. 

Getting the planting right and your garden will be made, get it wrong and it often looks like a salad or you will constantly be replacing or adding randomly to a selection of plants. We can create planting plans for your garden or advise and supply specific planting solutions such as hedges or specimen trees, as well as seasonal plants and containers. 

The range of plants and which to choose for your garden can be overwhelming.​​

Garden Revival Ltd

Seasonal Advice.

​Spring has sprung! Working in a clients garden this morning I noticed two things had aligned, a beautifully warm sunny day and a plethera of early spring flowers. Crocus, Camelia, aconites, and hellebore accompanied by the sweet scent of Daphne odora. These combinations need to be planned back in Autumn, but there are plants we can add now to add vibrancy and scent to your garden or containers. Most garden centres are brimming with plants, but choosing the right plant for the right place is important. 

As well as flowers bursting forth so are the weeds, so keep an eye on them before they take hold, the earlier you get them out the better. And you know who to call if you don't have the time!